Yuma University of Arizona Alumni Chapter Invite All to Scholarship Celebration on Tuesday, May 3, Recognizing Local Recipients and Donors

In an event that aims to make all Wildcats proud to bear down in Yuma, the Yuma University of Arizona Alumni Chapter invites all members of the public to a scholarship awards celebration and dinner at the Yuma Civic Center (1440 W. Desert Hills Drive) at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. The scholarship recipients, who will receive locally-raised awards, are high-achieving students from Yuma County who applied and interviewed for the merit-based awards once admitted to the UA for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

This final group of students were selected based on their academic course rigor, scholastic achievement, professional letters of reference, and in-person interviews. The YumaCats will also honor and recognize the local donors who make scholarship awards like these possible. Students will be accompanied by their families, and the Chapter encourages all alumni and members of the public from the Yuma community to attend so these students have the opportunity to mingle with other graduates and professionals. Dinner will include the YumaCats’ traditional tri-tip, tortillas, salad, and beans, as well as a baked homemade dessert. 

The YumaCats Alumni Chapter has recognized and honored academically talented high school and transfer students since 1991, awarding more than $1.3 million in local scholarships. The Chapter is proud to have many scholarship recipients who attended the UA return to serve on the chapter leadership team, on the scholarship committee, and in a variety of roles in the Yuma community.

Attendees are asked to please pre-register by emailing yumacats.scholarships@gmail.com to be able to attend the event for free. There will be a $20 entrance fee for guests who have not pre-registered, in an effort to cover costs and to continue to utilize as much funding as possible for academic scholarships.

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