40th Annual Wildcat Alumni Golf Tournament, held Oct. 2, 2020

The YumaCats hosted the 40th Annual Wildcat Alumni Golf Tournament at the Yuma Golf and Country Club (3150 S. Fortuna Avenue, Yuma, AZ) in an effort to raise monies for the Scholarship Committee. The event was coordinated and led by YumaCats President Michael Pancrazi, and wouldn’t be possible without the strong community support from donors, businesses, organizations and community members who gave their time, investments and support to make the golf tournament possible.

Due to COVID-19, the YumaCats wanted to keep the health and safety of the community a top priority. Golf, being a safe outdoor activity, made sense and we wanted to offer the tournament as one more way that Yuma community members could support local scholarships in a healthy way. However, we omitted the BBQ dinner and auction, where large crowds usually gather after the tournament. We are saddened we were not able to host it this year, but did so with the health of the public in mind. Nevertheless, the support from the community was monumental and we appreciate each and every one of you.

Where does the money go?

Proceeds from the Wildcat Alumni Golf Tournament go to the local YumaCats’ Scholarship Committee, who award merit-based scholarships to students from the greater southwestern Arizona region wanting to attain an education at the University of Arizona. Each goes through an interview process with Wildcat alumni in the Yuma area and is awarded based on their academics, professional development, and goals.

If you are looking to get involved with next year’s golf tournament, please contact President Michael Pancrazi at michael@pancrazi.com.

Cory Crouse at the Oct. 2, 2020 golf tournament. Mr. Crouse is an avid golfer, Wildcat supporter and quite frankly such fun to be around. Thank you for your support.
Arizona Leadership Foundation stepped up in a major way to sponsor the golf tournament’s Happy Hour. Thank you for your benevolence!

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